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Our advantage

o-sos.com is currently launching hot-selling, cost-effective products.

There are products that cost much higher freight than the value of the goods, such as black refill toner powder, low-value accessories,we are not listing on the website.

If you have a need for products that we don't have, please contact us.

o-sos.com is different from other online-shopping platforms.

Other platforms are taking merchants to settle in, consumers directly face each merchant. when you have a variety of product needs, you need to face different businesses, need different orders, pay more freight, to meet your needs.

On our platform, the same is the merchants settle in, but you are facing the platform, the model is the merchant-platform-consumer,

Through the strict review of the merchants' entry and careful selection, we achieve cost-effective products.

Your diversified needs will reach all merchants, and then the products will be unified and integrated into the platform. The platform will package all products for you. You just place one order, pay one shipping cost, then you can realize the diversified demands for all products of office supplies.