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Which payment methods can I use on O-SOS.com?

On our website (PC) you can use the following payment methods:
Paypal ,Western Union/MoneyGram ,TT Bank Transfer

1.How can I pay through Paypal?

We support PAYPAL as payment methods for orders to below countries currently:

United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, French, Italy, Germany, Israel, Netherland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratesd

Click 'Pay Now' to find it or select 'Other Payment Methods' to find this option.

Step 1: Find Paypal logo in product detail page

Step 2: Click 'Buy now' or 'Pay now' button to check available payment methods

Step 3: Select Paypal and you will be directed to Paypal site to complete it.


2.How can I pay with Western Union?

Regular orders over US $20 can be paid with Western Union.

Please follow the steps below:
1.On the checkout page, select Western Union 

2. On the next page, please click Continue to get our account information.

3. Print out the page containing the account information

4. Go to a local Western Union agency to transfer your payment. Please fill in the form like this: 

When the payment is made, the status of your order should change to "Paid" within 3 business days. After your payment, please contact us with your payment receipt that contains the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). 

Please note:
a. Please make the payment after 24 hours (after receiving the account number). 
b. We currently only accepts Quick Pay (consumer to business payment). Please do not transfer the money as Will Call (consumer to consumer payment).
c. To make sure you can pay for your order successfully, please make sure the Western Union officer fills in the receiver’s amount (not the sender’s amount)


3.How can I pay by Wire Transfer?

Regular orders with prices over US $20 can be paid by Wire Transfer. 

Please follow the steps below:
1. Select Wire Transfer on the checkout page
2. Click Continue to get the Beneficiary Account Number that you need to transfer your payment. Wire Transfers can only be made in US Dollars
3. Print out the section containing your wire transfer information 
4. Go to your local bank to transfer the money. Bring the printed wire transfer information and show it to the bank officer before making your payment
5. The status of your order should change to "Paid" within 7 business days. 

- Each payment need charge 25USD bank fee.
- Make sure that the payment transferred is in US Dollars.

- After your payment ,please attach swift or payment copy.